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We are the premier producer of loan automation technology for mortgage banks, community banks, credit unions and consumer lenders of all sizes. This is our only business, and has been since our founding in 1978.


Our products are used by hundreds of lenders each day to perform tasks ranging from online point-of-sale to the secondary mortgage market. We believe in providing quality systems and outstanding service to the lending community.

The PowerLender® Loan Origination & Processing System is business-rules based, lender refinable and allows for mortgage and consumer lending in a single system. PowerLender can be rapidly deployed as a traditional client/server LOS or as a hosted online configuration. PowerLender helps lenders overcome the challenges that they face each day: compliance, competition, data management, loan quality, security, efficiency and productivity, and more.


Our PowerSeller® Secondary Marketing & Risk Management System, the recognized industry leader in its field, features everything from loan pooling to hedge decision support to pipeline risk management research. PowerSeller provides you with all the tools to create efficient information management processes and raise your secondary market performance.


We invite you to read more about PowerLender and PowerSeller and we encourage you contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.